Ribbons Ausstellung
Anlsslich des Welttags gegen AIDS, 1. Dezember 2012, sind dem Viaduc des Arts und Designinig Hope mobilisiert. Kunsthandwerker und Designer werden jeweils in ihrem eigenen Stil und Vorliebe Technik, eine Schleife, Symbol fr den Kampf gegen AIDS realisieren. Dies ist eine Gelegenheit fr eine Aufklrungwoche, fr die Pariser, vom 27. November bis 3. Dezember.
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Rubans photographis par Christian Rouchouse

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On the occasion of World AIDS day, on the 1st of December 2012, each artisan designs a ribbon, symbol of the fight against AIDS. The ribbons are realized each in its style, technique and material preference. This will be an opportunity for an awareness campaign, supported by the municipality of Paris, and including a condom distribution, from the 24th of November until the 3rd of December.

This action is supported by Lyne Cohen-Solal, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of trade, independent professions and crafts, and Mr Jean-Marie Le Guen, Deputy Mayor of Paris, for Health, and Mrs Michle Blumenthal, Mayor of the 12th district of Paris.


The ribbons made ​​by artisans participating in the operation will be exposed in their windows of the Viaduct des Arts.

Other works on the theme of the ribbon, made ​​by artists from association "Artists in the Bastille" will also be exhibited in some windows.

The photos of the ribbons and the works of artists will be projected onto the faade of "La Maison des Ensembles" in Aligre street.


Condoms packed in original packaging illustrated with the visuals of the ribbons will be available in the showrooms of the "Viaduc des Arts" and in "La Maison des Ensembles", as well as among neighborhood merchants.

This is to remember that, despite recent medical advances, the condom remains the only way to be effectively protected from the AIDS virus.