A creative mobilization
Artists4life project has been mobilizing since 2005 international artists to fight stigma towards people affected by HIV & AIDS. Each artist's interpretation has brought a lot to this campaign, emphasizing the universal need for love and support, regardless of HIV status. This project gained a lot from a constant partnership with Art Paris Art Fair since 2006 and a faithful support from UNESCO and its Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against HIV/ AIDS, Lady Cristina Owen-Jones.
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The icons below record all the achievements of the project Artists4Life.
A project that brought together more than 100 contemporary artists,
but also many artists, youth, students from dozens of countries from Europe and Africa.
Each of them brought their contribution to this fight against discrimination in their country, their communities.

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Artists4Life in Saint Ouen Artists4Life in Saarbrcken Artists4life in Swaziland Artists4Life in Roumania Artists4life in Zimbabwe
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Current developpement of the "I Love U Positive or Negative" campaign

Current developpement of the "I Love U Positive or Negative" campaign