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On the ground projects updates
The increase in the number of projects initiated by the NGO locally in Africa gave us the idea to share the daily developments and progresses, latest pictures of our missions on our blog. You can also react on this blog on all these publications.
Written : 2010-06-20 - Last modified 2014-08-09
Uniforms & Differences
A fundraiser launched by Designing Hope until the 17th of December 2017 Help Designing Hope offering underprivileged children in southern Africa a new school uniform to support them in their education.
Written : 2016-11-06 - Last modified 2016-11-13
Transgardens - Pedagogical gardens and nutrition
Designing Hope creates a blog to promote the exchange of experiences and human exchanges between its different initiatives for educational gardens.
Written : 2016-07-18 - Last modified 2016-07-18
Agriculture & Nutrition
Pedagogical gardens
Designing Hope develops educational gardens in schools and hospitals in southern Africa.
Written : 2015-11-07 - Last modified 2016-07-18