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Ribbons Exhibition
On the occasion of World AIDS day on the 1st of December 2012, the Viaduc des Arts gets mobilized together with Designing Hope.
Written : 2012-10-25 - Last modified 2013-12-01
Condom Distribution in France
Condom distribution with the City Council of Paris
Local condom distribution for World Aids Day In partnership with the City Council of Paris, The Viaduc des Arts and NGO Artistes la Bastille.
Written : 2013-12-01 - Last modified 2013-12-03
Exhibition of Embroidered poems
A joint Designing Hope / "Le Printemps des Potes", project, this is an exhibition of french poem embroidered by HIV + women in Swaziland, presented in the cultural center "Maison des Ensemble", in Paris. With the support of Bristol Myers Squibb.
Written : 2011-11-14 - Last modified 2014-08-09
World Aids Day - St Ouen
On the occasion of the World AIDS Day on 1 December 2008, Designing Hope has been invited by the city of Saint Ouen to present its actions in Africa to the youth of the "Cap J". This action gave lead to new visual for "Artist4life". It also created bridges between the youth of St Ouen and the women of Swaziland.
Written : 2009-05-15 - Last modified 2013-01-25
With the City Council of Paris and the organisation Ikambere
For the World Aids Day, Designig Hope has created cultural and social links between western countries and people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The awareness campaign fighting against stigma and discrimination towards people affected by HIV/AIDS "I Love You Positive or Negative" was developped in France entitled "Positif ou Ngatif, je t'aime", in partnership with the City Council of Paris.
Written : 2007-11-07 - Last modified 2012-12-11
Designing Hope is invited at Paris Plages.
Designing Hope to part in 2009 to the summer awareness campaign towards youngsters during Paris Plage Festival.
Written : 2009-08-08 - Last modified 2012-12-07
Rugby World Cup
Dessine l'Espoir was invited and involved in several events at Noisy Le Grand during the Rugby World Cup in France in 2007. Noisy Le Grand, a city near Paris hosted the South African National rugby team "the Springboks" during their trainings for the competition.
Written : 2012-02-22 - Last modified 2013-01-08