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Condom Distribution in France
Condom distribution with the City Council of Paris
Local condom distribution for World Aids Day In partnership with the City Council of Paris, The Viaduc des Arts and NGO Artistes la Bastille.
Written : 2013-12-01 - Last modified 2013-12-03
Prevention and fight against Stigmatization
Condoms distribution and Youth prevention in Zimbabwe
After several prevention projects with the Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa, Designing Hope is now directly involved on the ground in Zimbabwe, on a prevention project targeting the youth.
Written : 2013-01-31 - Last modified 2013-12-01
Prevention and fight against Stigmatization
Condoms distribution and Youth prevention in Burkina Faso
In partnership with NGO Laafi, Designing Hope has launched an HIV prevention for youth in Koudougou. (Burkina Faso). With the contribution of artists, young people are invited to participate actively in the development of prevention campaigns on attractive media.
Written : 2012-12-07 - Last modified 2013-06-20
Condom Promotion and awareness campaign
Free distribution of condoms in Southern Africa.
As part of the campaign "I Love You Positive or Negative", and with the support of local partners, Designing Hope has established since 2005, a large distribution of condoms packed in pouches illustrated by the works of "Artists4life ".
Written : 0000-00-00 - Last modified 2013-01-25
Youth Awareness
Youth prevention and condoms distribution in Romania
Adolescents from project: "Picturing Hope", from "Baylor Black Sea Foundation", in Constanta (Romania), have designed a prevention campaign for the promotion of HIV-testing and the use of condom.
Written : 2012-03-08 - Last modified 2014-10-16
One Month of Love booklet
On December 1st, 2006, Designing Hope has created for World AIDS Day, a booklet of 24 condoms entitled " One Month of Love ". This booklet also exists in a miniature version, called " Une nuit d'amour" (One night of Love). The sale of these booklets enables the continuation of activities by Designing Hope in Southern Africa.
Written : 0000-00-00 - Last modified 2013-01-08

Why is it dangerous to discourage people from using condoms?
Written : 2009-04-10 - Last modified 2012-11-19
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