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Prevention and fight against Stigmatization
Prevention Campaign in Kliptown-Soweto
In joining this project, Designing Hope aims at raising awareness among young people in Kliptown by producing and broadcasting prevention clips conveying its message against discrimination: "I Love You Positive or Negative".
Written : 2012-02-10 - Last modified 2013-01-25
Designing Hope, a video from Arnaud Contreras
A short documentary presenting Designing Hope's achivements.
Written : 2009-11-23 - Last modified 2012-11-28
Prevention Campaign
Television Campaign in South Africa
To ensure the broader reach of the prevention campaign " I Love You Positive or Negative " in Southern Africa, Designing Hope organized a number of filmed clips of local personalities to be broadcast. These clips were spread out during a period of 6 months according to the agreements made with local broadcasters.
Written : 0000-00-00 - Last modified 2012-11-28