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They support Designing Hope.
Optimark- Specialist in visual identity.
Optimark has been one of Designing Hope's main sponsors since 2002. Through the years, this partnership has grown in value and strength, as Optimark has become a partner of most Designing Hope's projects.
Written : 2007-08-30 - Last modified 2010-05-08
They support Designing Hope.
Emeraude Chimie
Since 2004, Emeraude Chimie has been one of Designing Hope's first sponsors. This partnership has been inspired by the compagny's strong implementation in Africa.
Written : 2007-08-30 - Last modified 2012-11-18
They support us
Designing Hope's other sponsors
Designing Hope is being supported by several compagnies, for annual events or each new project. These sponsors are various : department stores like BHV, FNAC, and KADEWE, but also AIR FRANCE, A 360, Glna...all of them took part in developping Dessine l'Espoir's projects.
Written : 2007-09-04 - Last modified 2012-11-28

They support Designing Hope.
Bristol Myers Squibb
Since 2007, Brystol Myers Squibb has been one of Designing Hope's main sponsors, supporting local projects in Africa, but also in Europe.
Written : 2009-12-23 - Last modified 2010-05-08
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