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Exhibition Place Vendme and Auction
From the 4th until the 29th of June 2010, 12 Sculptures from Fabio Novembre will be exhibited on the prestigious Place Vendme, and one of them will be auctioned on line for 1 month, with the support of Christie's, all benefits of the auction funding Designing Hope.
Written : 2010-05-14 - Last modified 2013-01-08
Artists4life in Mozambique
In Mozambique, 24 young artists and art students participated in a competition organised by the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre in Maputo.
Written : 2007-08-29 - Last modified 2012-11-20
Support Programmes
Support to Monkeybiz Wellness Clinic
Dessine L'Espoir has supported the clinic both on the nutrition and commuting expenses side on a 14 months period. 2004-2005
Written : 2007-08-15 - Last modified 2009-11-22
Know Your Body Support Programme - November 2004-April 2005
Aids awareness, and body knowledge: Designing Hope supported for an initial 6 months period the training of 400 people in the Durban area with Create Africa South. Aids awareness, and body knowledge. Targeted population: Young people aged 12 to 14, and people living in rural areas.
Written : 2007-08-15 - Last modified 2013-01-25
Hope for the townships
The project "Hope for the townships" was a help program for the HIV positive people to follow them in their treatment and every-day life. It was launched in 2004 with the association Wola Nani and the Desmond Tutu HIV Center, who supported them psychologically, nutritionnally and medically.
Written : 2007-07-31 - Last modified 2013-01-25