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Fashion Designing Hope
A collection of items imagined with Fashion Designers
Designs created by famous Fashion Designers to support women affected by HIV and sold to the benefit of Designing Hope.This section presents an overview of the creation imagined by fashion designers and hand-made by women supported by Desiging Hope. Since 2003, nearly one hundred have contributed to this project to design original objects helping women supported by Designing Hope in southern Africa. These income-generating activities, set up in South Africa and Swaziland in support groups for people with HIV started with a decorating lightbulb project, and expanded over the years to several activities such as beaded jewelry, wire and beadwork, mosaics, sewing, weaving and embroidery.
Written : 2012-02-28 - Last modified 2012-03-12
La Mode Dessine l'Espoir
Lightbulbs conception
Since 2003, 60 big names in fashion have come together against HIV/AIDS in Africa by designing Ithemba lightbulbs. The lightbulbs are then hand-made by South African women living with AIDS: coloured and decorated with silicon, thin wire and beads to become real sculptures. Lightbulbs are available on the following website:
Written : 2007-07-31 - Last modified 2012-11-19