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A creative mobilization
Developed in December 2005, the concept was to organize an event mobilizing international artists around the campaign " I Love You Positive or Negative ". These artists dedicated an artwork to this message of tolerance to fight against the stigma and discrimination that HIV positive people encounter everyday.
Written : 0000-00-00 - Last modified 2013-01-25
Designing Hope at Monza Conference
Designing Hope was invited on the first UNESCO World Forum on Culture and the Cultural Industries in 2009
Written : 2009-11-23 - Last modified 2013-01-08
Youth sensitization
Pedagogical kit for the use of Artists4Life visuals in schools
Designing Hope and UNESCO have developped a pedagogical kit, using the artworks of Artists4life project, to sensitize school audiences to HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination through exercices and discussions, as well as to offer general knowledge about the disease and the ways to stop the spread of AIDS.
Written : 2007-08-07 - Last modified 2010-05-08