Pedagogical kit for the use of Artists4Life visuals in schools
Designing Hope and UNESCO have developped a pedagogical kit, using the artworks of Artists4life project, to sensitize school audiences to HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination through exercices and discussions, as well as to offer general knowledge about the disease and the ways to stop the spread of AIDS.
Written : 2007-08-07 - Last modified 2018-06-23
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The project "Artists4life" has collected more than 60 artworks from prominent international contemporary artists on the theme of Designing Hope's campaign message against the stigma related to HIV and AIDS : "I love You Positive or Negative".

In collaboration wih UNESCO, Designing Hope is developing a pedagogical kit for the use of "Artists4life" visuals in schools, to sensitize the youth to the HIV related stigma and discrimination.

This project will be lauched as "pilot" in Zambia. Some local teachers will supervise the contents to adapt it to the specific needs of the target group. Contenus afin de l'adapter aux besoins spécifiques des populations visées.

This project will take place through the ASP-NET schools network of UNESCO.


This pedagogical kit will consist of:
-Color posters reproducing a selection of artworks from "Artists4life".
-Pedagogial booklet for the teacher.
-1 set of exercices in local languages for learners.

The use of this pedagogical kit is very flexible and can be adapted to various environments and audiences :
The teacher/proffessor can use one or more posters according to the age of his pupils/students, and to the environment of the school (rural or urban, religious context...)

-The exercices are available on a simple A4 format paper, in english and zulu and can be adapted in other languages.
The use of these exercices can also be adapted to the opportunities offered by the school : they can be copied by machine and distributed or written by the pupils into the notebook, or even used orally.
-The pedagogical booklet gives information about HIV and AIDS as well as instructions for the teacher willing to use this kit with his class.

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