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In cooperation with the Italian Government, the Lombardy Region and the city of Monza, UNESCO organized the First UNESCO World Forum on Culture and the Cultural Industries, which took place at the Villa Reale in Monza, Italy from 24 to 26 September, 2009.

In the spirit of previous high-visibility operations undertaken by UNESCO in the field of heritage protection, the Organization launched this novel initiative which brought together decision-makers, creators and the private sector to discuss the role of culture in and for development.

Conceived as a platform for bringing people together to share ideas on specific topics varying from one edition to the next, the Forum’s objective was to illustrate the potential of the creativity, innovation and excellence that nourish the cultural industries.

For this first edition, UNESCO has chosen the theme “Creativity, Innovation and Excellence: From Crafts to the Design and Fashion Industries”.


Designing Hope was invited to exhibit items hand made by the women in Southern Africa, and designed by the most famous fashion designers from Europe.
This cultural bridge has been highlighted during the forum.

Singers Rachid Taha, and Amadou and Mariam wearing their beaded brooch.

Artists4Life Eine kreative Mobilisation
Mobilisation der Gegenwartskünstler zu dem Thema "I Love You Positive or Negative".

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They support Designing Hope. Fairs and Conventions
Designing Hope is invited to several annual events. These events provide good channels of communication for presenting new projects.

ARTPARIS+GUESTS welcomes for the 4th time Dessine l'Espoir with a special event this year: A charity diner will be hold at the opening of the fair benefiting the NGO, followed by the exhibition of photographs from Armin Pflanz: "Faces of Hope".