Graphic competition for I Love You + or - Campaign
Designing Hope invites artists and graphists to participate to the campaign fighting against HIV and AIDS related stigma and discriminations.
Geschrieben : 2010-04-15 - Last modified 2018-05-27
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Illustrate the message «I Love You Positive or Negative» fighting against the stigma and discriminations related to HIV and AIDS.
Free technique and format.

These illustrations, mentioning the author’s name will be placed on posters, stickers and condom packs distributed for free by Designing Hope and local health institutions.

This project is organized in the framework of UNESCO international year for the rapprochement of cultures, and is open to all artists and designers internationally. High resolution pictures of the artworks created must be sent to before the 15th of September 2010.

Mme Alice de Jenlis, Culture Department of UNESCO,
Lady Cristina Owen Jones, Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO for HIV/AIDS,
Mr Antonio Uguidos, CRIPS Director (french AIDS information and prevention center),
Cyrille Varet, President of Designing Hope,
Mme Anette Lenz and Mr Vincent Perrottet, Graphic designers.


The project : in collaboration with UNESCO, Artists4life’s project has gathered since 2005 more than 80 international artists interpreting the message «I Love You Positive or Negative». A selection of these artworks has been associated to messages and printed on prevention posters and condom packs distributed in France, Romania, and Southern Africa.

Posters using Armin Pflanz, Elodie Lachaud and Kimiko Yoshida's visuals


Aufklährungskampagne Warum diese Nachricht?
Die Aufklährungskampagne "I love You Positive or Negative" bekämpft Diskriminierung und setzt sich für mehr Toleranz gegenüber aidskranken Menschen ein.

Aktionen des Welt Aids Tagegs 2007 Ein Projkt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Paris und Ikambere.
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Paris und Ikambere hat Dessine l'Espoir ein Projekt für den 1. Dezember 2007 entwickelt.

Gegen Diskriminierung "I Love You Positive or Negative" Kampagne
Neuesten Entwicklungen der gegen-Diskriminierung Kampagne "I Love You Positive or Negative"

Awareness campaigns Television Campaign in South Africa
To ensure the broader reach of the prevention campaign " I Love You Positive or Negative " in Southern Africa, Designing Hope organized a number of filmed clips of local personalities to be broadcast.

copie de Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

copie de Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

Aufkärung Kampagne Kliptown-Soweto Projekt
A Prevention Campaign in Kliptown-Soweto raising awareness among young peopleby producing and broadcasting prevention clips conveying the message: "I Love You Positive or Negative".

Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

Ausstellung copie de Ribbons Ausstellung
Anlässlich des Welttags gegen AIDS, 1. Dezember 2012, sind dem Viaduc des Arts und Designinig Hope mobilisiert.