Prevention Campaign in Romania
In collaboration with adolescents from project: "Picturing Hope", from "Baylor Black Sea Foundation", in Constanta (Romania), Designing Hope has developed a prevention campaign for the promotion of HIV-testing and the use of condom.
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Since 2001, BIPAI's Romanian Clinical Center of Excellence has provided HIV/AIDS care and treatment services to over 500 HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children and young adults. In addition to the provision and monitoring of antiretroviral therapy, services offered at the Romanian Clinical Center of Excellence include programs in:

* Infectious diseases
* Pulmonary diseases
* Gynecology
* Dental care
* Psychosocial counseling
* Vocational counseling
* Social assistance and support groups
* Family planning
* Education for healthy, independent living

Children in Romania account for over half of all European pediatric AIDS cases. Most Romanian children with AIDS were infected with HIV as a result of discarded medical practices of the past, including reuse of disposable needles and repeated transfusions of sick and premature infants with whole human blood. However, a second epidemic wave is emerging, with most Romanian HIV treatment centers reporting growing numbers of infants with vertical (mother-to-infant) HIV infection. Approximately fifty percent of Romanian children with AIDS are orphaned or abandoned. The Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative has worked collaboratively with the Romanian Ministry of Health and Romanian professionals since 1996.


This project started by a photo workshop organised by Designing Hope with a group of volunteers adolescents from "Picturing Hope" project. Mrs Nousha Salimi, professional photographer has been invited to work with the youth.

The adolecents first wrote the messages they wanted to adress for this campaign, and then shoot the appropriate corresponding photos. Mrs Nousha Salimi helped them in shooting the scenes.

Then the condom packs and posters have been printed from the photos and messages found in the workshop.
Some of the working youth of the foundation have packed condoms in individual pouches and this campaign has been spread in care centers of the region.


Dessine l'Espoir is thankful to the Baylor Black Sea Foundation, Abbott Fund, AIR FRANCE, ACCOR group, as well as Mlle Nousha SALIMI, photograph of the project.

Aufklährungskampagne Warum diese Nachricht?
Die Aufklährungskampagne "I love You Positive or Negative" bekämpft Diskriminierung und setzt sich für mehr Toleranz gegenüber aidskranken Menschen ein.

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copie de Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

copie de Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

Präventionskampagne in Rumänien copie de copie de Prevention Campaign in Romania
Designing Hope has developed in Constanta (Romania) a prevention campaign for the promotion of HIV-testing and the use of condom.

Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

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