AIDS policy at the workplace
Many companies have begun to understand the severity of the situation, and have started developing HIV polices in their African branches. Designing Hope wants to support these companies together with smaller organizations, focusing on HIV/AIDS related stigmas in the working environment, which is the key of success for implementing any HIV/AIDS campaign.
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HIV/AIDS is a growing issue for companies situated in highly affected regions, such as Africa.
Days of leave taken due to opportunistic diseases, funerals of relatives, psychological weaknesses, loss of motivation...daily, the virus affects employees of these companies, and thus, their business productivity and profitability.
On the other hand, many employees are too afraid to loose their position when disclosing their status and are tempted to hide any sign of weakness in order to prevent any suspicion, which worsens their health.

Designing Hope believes that the strength and simplicity of the campaign message :"I love you Positive or Negative" can help break the stigma as well as bring trust and confidence between colleagues among the staff.

Distributives boxes of condoms.


The campaign communication tools include: posters, condom display boxes, condom packs, stickers, postcards...
These tools have :
-Strong visuals from contemporary artists on the campaign's : "I love You Positive or Negative", gathered from the project "Artsist4life".
-Messages from South African icons from Television, sports or music in several african languages.

The diversity of the visuals and messages allows us to target various categories of people (men, women, youth...) according to the specificity of the compagny's staff.

Nice condom packing.


The selection of tools can be personalised and enriched by artworks created, especially for a company.

A collective workshop, run by the NGO together with artists involved in the project can be organized on the company premises with the employees. The collective artwork can be permanently exhibited in the premises, symbolizing the unity of the employees fighting discrimination among themselves.
It could also be reproduced on leaflets, posters and condom packs.

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Seit Januar 2007 hat Dessine l'Espoir 800 000 Kondome verteilt

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Condom promotion One Month of Love booklet
On December 1st, 2006, Designing Hope has created for World AIDS Day, a booklet of 24 condoms entitled " One Month of Love ".

Support Designing Hope Helping through a school.
Anyone can support Designing Hope, within the frame of his school. Read some exemples.

Support Designing Hope Helping through a school.
Anyone can support Designing Hope, within the frame of his school. Read some exemples.

Präventionskampagne in Rumänien Prevention Campaign in Romania
Designing Hope has developed in Constanta (Romania) a prevention campaign for the promotion of HIV-testing and the use of condom.

Aufkärung Kampagne Kliptown-Soweto Projekt
A Prevention Campaign in Kliptown-Soweto raising awareness among young peopleby producing and broadcasting prevention clips conveying the message: "I Love You Positive or Negative".