With the City Council of Paris and the organisation Ikambere
For the World Aids Day, Designig Hope has created cultural and social links between western countries and people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. The awareness campaign fighting against stigma and discrimination towards people affected by HIV/AIDS "I Love You Positive or Negative" was developped in France entitled "Positif ou Négatif, je t'aime", in partnership with the City Council of Paris.
Written : 2007-11-07 - Last modified 2018-06-20
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Designig Hope presented on the 1st December 2007, in collaboration with the City Council of Paris and the NGO Ikambere, its campaign figthing against discrimination towards people living with HIV.

Contemporary artists' works were associated to messages of personnalities supporting the campaign: " I Love You Positive or Negative".

Two supports were chosen to convey these messages: condoms packagings and postcards spread through the network Cart'Com.


The NGO Ikambere, located in Saint Denis, in the north of Paris, is supporting African women living with HIV. Populations of African origin now represent nearly 50% of the 150 000 people living with HIV in France. Stigmatization and exclusion towards these people is a major barrier to access to testing, medical care and counseling.

Ikambere offers a support and income generating activities very similar to the ones developped by Designing Hope in southern Africa.

Designing Hope suggested to the Council of Paris to order small fabric pouches, hand made by the women of "La Main Fine", the income generating activity group from Ikambere.

This collaboration was symbolic and human between Ikambere and Designing Hope as it developped a solidarity between african women living with HIV in France and other women from Africa.


This project uses art and artwork of international artists to fight against stigma and discrimination towards HIV positive persons.

The condoms packed in these original packs were also diffused for the event "cafés-capotes" in the 14 th and 18 th district of Paris, and in Social Medical Centers , Centers for Family Planning, as well as Centers for Anonymous HIV testing.

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Télécharger les cartes de la campagne/Download the campaign's postcards

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