Designing Hope is invited at Paris Plages.
Designing Hope to part in 2009 to the summer awareness campaign towards youngsters during Paris Plage Festival.
Written : 2009-08-08 - Last modified 2018-06-21
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Designing Hope will be holding the awareness booth, along with a dozen of other NGO's for this program launched by the city of Paris.


Around thirty artists from independent record labels are performing in the square in front of the City Hall for the Fnac Indétendances Paris Plages music festival: cirKus with Neneh Cherry, Damon Albarn with Amadou and Mariam for an “Africa express” evening, Charlie Winston, the French-speaking artists from the Trois Baudets music venue.

Designing Hope will introduce its programs in the area dedicated to the partners of the festival.

This has been organised thanks to Optimark, sponsor of Designing Hope and partner of the FNAC festival.

On this occasion Optimark has ordered some beaded brooches made by the women of Mplonhle project, in Ladysmith-South Africa.
Designing Hope supports this group of women since 2007.

The beautiful pin brooches have been offered to the artists and guests of the festival.

Singers Rachid Taha, and Amadou and Mariam wearing their beaded brooch.

Designing Hope is thankfull to FNAC and Optimark.

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