Television Campaign in South Africa
To ensure the broader reach of the prevention campaign " I Love You Positive or Negative " in Southern Africa, Designing Hope organized a number of filmed clips of local personalities to be broadcast. These clips were spread out during a period of 6 months according to the agreements made with local broadcasters.
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"I Love You Positive or Negative" is an awareness campaign that fights against the stigma towards HIV positive people.

For this campaign, Designing Hope has mobilized various local artists and personalities (singers, TV presenters, sportsmen...) who have become the "Messengers".

Messengers have signed and personalized the campaign with a written & oral message.

The idea is to use the strength of charismatic and popular leaders to spread this message of tolerance on a grand scale to the youth.

Arian Day, skateboard champion in South Africa.


Designing Hope worked in partnership with two South African channels; M-Net and E-TV, to air 30 seconds spots of the personnalities supporting the campaign.

The TV spots were shown on their network in Southern Africa for six months from september 2006 to February 2007.

The AFDA school of cinema, has also added to the succes of this project by involving the teachers and grad year students from their schools in Johannesburg, in the making of these films.

Students from cinema school AFDA fiming the TV spots.


Here are the African personnalities supporting the campaign:

TV presenters Ruda Landman, Nnekwa Tsaija and Vanessa Jansen, fashion designer Kensani Maganyi, singers Zola, Kabelo, Dozi, Mandoza, Gloria Bosman, Nathaniel, Adri Kotze, Judith Sephuma, Lize Beekman, Johnny Clegg, and Zama Jobe, Hip Hop bands Black Noise, Tulano and DSO, Jazz musicians Lex Futhane, Mlungisi, and Anna Davel, sportsmen Adrian Day, Egan Seconds, Zahier Rlands, Nathalie Du Toit, actors Goliath Davids and Christo Davids, film director Darell Rodt, and other personalities like Gail Johnson, Bert Du Toit and China ESP.

TV spots of the campaign.

Designing Hope thanks the channels MNet and E-Tv, the cinema school AFDA and all the messengers of the campaign.

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