Mosaiken Workshop für Männer
Viele Männer von Piggs-Peak Support Group haben ihr Interesse an einer Aktivität teilnehmen gezeigt, wie die Frauen, die die Stickerei machen. Aus diesem Grund wurde Dessine l'Espoir mit Ithemba dieses Mosaiken Workshop organisieren.
Geschrieben : 2010-09-22 - Last modified 2018-05-20
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This project has been launched in 2010, and aims in proposing an Income Generating Activity suitable for the men of Philani support group.

This support group is open for people feeling affeted by the virus and HIV/AIDS and in the need of a community help and response to their issues.

Before the creation of this group, only women were involved in Income Generating Activities, through the embroidery group, launched in 2005.


A few men of the group are highly afflicted by their status. This activity allows them to progressively work again, after their might have lost their job due to their phisical condition.

This activity is, for them, a way of gaining self-esteem and confidence as they often go for tri-therapies at the same time, and start feeling better.


Eevery one can work and ajust his timings according to its physical condition. Some of the designs are proposed but this workshop let them also to use their imagination and creativity.


Aubade lingerie pouch sewn and embroidered in Swaziland
The Lingerie brand Aubade joined once again Designing Hope to design a lingerie pouch in an appproach based on solidarity.

Object Objekte von Mode zeichnet Hoffnung
Eine Auswahl der objekte zum Verkauf zugunsten der NGO, die von Modedesignern für der Projekt "Mode zeichnet Hoffnung" entworfen wurden .

Mode zeichnet Hoffnung Modedesignern Mobilisierung
Projekt "Mode zeichnet Hoffnung" 2003 - 2004 mit der Unterstützung von über 60 Modedesignern

Fashion Designing Hope Glübirne Herstellung
lightbulbs are then hand-made by South African women living with AIDS: coloured and decorated with silicon, thin wire and beads to become real sculptures.

Local Actions Income Generating Activities (IGA)
Designing Hope has established 4 different Income Generating Activities in South Africa and Swaziland.

Alber Elbaz Puppen
Im Rahmen des Designing Hope Projektes entwarf Alber Elbaz vier Puppen in einer limitierten Edition, die alle Miniature-Roben des Couturehauses Lanvin tragen.