Exhibition Place Vendôme and Auction
From the 4th until the 29th of June 2010, 12 Sculptures from Fabio Novembre will be exhibited on the prestigious Place Vendôme, and one of them will be auctioned on line for 1 month, with the support of Christie's, all benefits of the auction funding Designing Hope.
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Since 2005, Designing Hope uses contemporary art as an awareness tool in it's fight against HIV and AIDS related discrimination.

In March 2010, and for the 5th time in a row, the NGO was invited to present its actions at the art fair Art Paris+Guests

For this 2010 edition, ARTPARIS+GUESTS organizes a charity dinner before the public opening of the fair, benefiting Designing Hope, under the patronage of Lady Cristina Owen-Jones, Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS Prevention Education at UNESCO.


FIAT sponsorship started during the edition of ARTPARIS+GUESTS.
The carmaker was both the official carrier of the fair, and the main sponsor of the Charity dinner.

This partnership was materialized through the exhibition at the entrance of the "Grand Palais" of 3 sculptures from designer Fabio Novembre, inspired from the Fiat 500cc, one of them was successfully auctioned to benefit Designing Hope.

The exhibition on ARTPARIS+GUESTS, March 2010


In 2009, Via Montenapoleone, Milan's Must for fahion and luxury, hosted the initiative "Per fare un albero", resulting from an idea of the Municipality of Milan - Department for Design, Events and Fashion, in collaboration with Fiat Automobiles.

Twenty fiberglass sculptures from Fabio Novembre, inspired by the Fiat 500C and containing trees of different shapes and sizes, were positioned all along the prestigious street, bringing shade to the Lombardy capital.


After the success of the presentation at ARTPARIS+GUESTS,
Fiat was thrilled by the idea of exhibiting the sculptures in Paris again, for a longer period of time, with a renewed auction benefiting Designing Hope.
Place Vendôme was an ideal location to write the second chapter of this "road-story" that originated in Milan.

The Comité Vendôme generously accepted to host the exhibition in the center of the most prestigious square of Paris in June 2010.


The exhibition, named "Un Arbre pour l'Espoir" (A Tree of Hope) will be displaying 12 sculptures from Fabio Novembre.
One will be auctioned with the support of Christie's, on a specific website dedicated to this operation:
(Auctions will start on the 4th of June, website not open yet)

Proceeds from this auction will continue funding for the NGO's projects, especially in southern Africa.

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