A Halfway House for vulnerable children of Ladysmith area.
Built in rural areas, halfway houses are welcoming the most vulnerable children before and after school hours. They are offered meals, tutorship, and entertainment.
Written : 2010-05-08 - Last modified 2018-06-21
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In South Africa, there are 350 000 AIDS deaths per year and 1 400 000 children under 17 have been orphaned as a result of AIDS. (UNAIDS 2009)

Most of the time, these children are raised by other members of the family. These situations are badly affecting their economical standing, specially when the family is being run by a single woman...

Therefore juvenile delinquency is growing and family support and care becomes even harder.
Additionally, the school fees are particularly high compared to the local standard of living, especially because of the uniforms that are compulsory in all schools.

This is why Designing Hope has decided to build a Halfway House at "Ward 11" (Rosboom), one of the most disadvantaged area of Ladysmith District, in Kwazulu Natal.

In this fully furnished 70 sq meter house, the objectives are to create a warm and secure environement for vulnerable children. A meal is offered to them before and after school hours as well as tutorship and entertainment in the afternoon.

The sponsorship of Designing Hope consists, in building the construction and covering the yearly running expenses of the centre, including food supply, and coordinators and care-givers salaries.


The Halfway House of "Ward 11" is welcoming 50 children aged between 5 and 14, mornings from 6:30 to 7:30 and afternoons from 15:30 to 17:00.

The objective is to improve their life condition by a nutritional support (while many of them go at school with an empty stomach), and school tutorship.
Activities proposed in the afternoon intend to entertain them and encourage their creativity.


This project aims at improving education of these children, and offering them a secure environment and social care.
Tutorship will also improve their adherence to school programs.

The nutritional supplement offered to the children in the morning can potentially also improve their concentration at school.

It will hopefully lead to the decrease of the juvenile delinquency in a neighborhood where such centre can bring more life and entertainment.


While the children are at school (between 07:30 and 15:30) part of the Halfway House premises will host a sewing workshop involving a group of 20 women from this community.

The concept of this workshop consists in passing on sewing skills and generating income for these women on the one hand, and develop a social project on the other hand, making school uniforms affordable for socialy disadvantaged children:

These women, trained by Designing Hope, will be making school uniforms and other clothes for about 150 children whose families cannot afford to buy.
The clothes will be sold at a very low prices or given for free according to each particular situation.

This project helps children in their clothing while it supports the women by bringing them an income.

With the support of Air France Foundation.

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