The Malanda Community Hall-Piggs Peak-Swaziland
The project in Malanda was to create a place where everyone could practice various creative activities such as embroidery, gardening and painting for the children... In addition, a prevention program for the HIV+people was developed to inform the population of the HIV-AIDS virus.
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The Community Hall is located at the entrance of Piggs Peak in the Malanda disadvantaged area. Unfortunately, it had not been maintained for a few years, leading to broken windows and doors, a leaking roof, paint coming off the walls, no electricity or water installed, and an outside area in need of maintenance and gardening. The premises were an open space, both indoors and out and thus - accessible to anyone. This was due to the fact that the Town Council did not have the financial means to provide maintenance.

The community center is 300m2 with a large hall and also includes 2 attached rooms on the side. The central hall has a 3m wide and 2m long stage. There is a dirt soccer field located directly in front of the building. There is a section of land the same length of the building and 5m wide in the back left unattended and overgrown.

The initial buiding in Malanda.


Designing Hope Africa signed an agreement with Piggs Peak Town Council in
January 2005 to renovate this abandoned community hall. The purpose of this
action was to facilitate HIV/AIDS awareness and educational programs, linked to
cultural and sports activities.

This building came back to life within a few months thanks to the input of community members and the financial support of Designing Hope: doors and windows have been replaced, the building has been cleaned and repainted inside and out. The outside area at the back of the building has been cleaned, and land prepared for the planting of a community garden. Electricity and water has been installed, bathroom facilities added and a small kitchen created.

During the renovation works.


The community could still use the space for any of their initiatives, but
Designing Hope remained free to organize any event linked to its awareness and income generation projects.


Activities for poor children and orphans of Malanda, such as educational support and drawing classes.
An awareness to the HIV and AIDS virus organized together with the US NGO "Clowns without borders" with the intervention of a clown, HIV+ himself.


Painting activities with Swazi painters in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise of Mbabane.

Lucky, a Swazi painter, worked for one week with the children on the theme of the awareness campaign "I Love You positive or Negative". He drew a mural on the wall of the malanda community hall. This mural is now part of the international "I Love You Positive or Negative" campaign and has been reproduced on condom packs and posters.

Swazi painter Lucky Mural and the mural he realised with the children.


One of the main initiatives has been the embroidery training, organised for a group of 100 woman in Piggs Peak in collaboration with Create Africa South an NGO based in Durban.
After getting the skills, Designing Hope organized a second training based on the interpretation of the campaign message" I Love U Positive or Negative". This was a rich source of information to build the international campaign.


The idea was really to keep the HIV program as discreet as possible, to make it more efficacious and first obtain the community’s confidence and interest in coming to this venue. Once the trust was established, visits were organized - bringing in personalities involved in other HIV programs such as Amazing Grace or Create Africa South from Durban.


A community garden was also organized at the back of the building in order to grow fresh vegetables for the food support program, offered to the community.

Embroideries made during collective workshops on the campaign's message.

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Condom Promotion and awareness campaign Free distribution of condoms in Southern Africa.
As part of the campaign "I Love You Positive or Negative", and with the support of local partners, Designing Hope has established since 2005, a large distribution of condoms packed in pouches illustrated by the works of "Artists4life ".

Prevention and fight against Stigmatization Giant puppets in Swaziland
Designing Hope participate, in collaboration with the Red Cross, in an outreach programme of awareness and testing in rural areas, using giant puppets.

Nutrition Support for the HIV+ patients at Piggs Peak Hospital
Designing Hope provides support to HIV-positive patients at the hospital in Piggs Peak, a small town in Swaziland.

Archive One Month of Love booklet
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Sensitization Campaign AIDS policy at the workplace
Display of the campaign : "I love you Positive or Negative" for companies based in Southern Africa.

Income Generating Activities Mosaics Workshop for men
Designing Hope develops new activities for the men involved in support groups.

Awareness campaign Poster distribution
As part of the campaign "I Love You Positive or Negative" fighting against the stigma of people living with HIV/Aids, Designing Hope has established a distribution of posters.

Actions in Africa School Uniforms for the most disadvantaged in Swaziland
Sewing and distribution of uniforms for vulnerable children in Swaziland.

Youth Awareness Prevention Campaign in Romania
Designing Hope has developed in Constanta (Romania) a prevention campaign for the promotion of HIV-testing and the use of condom.

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Agriculture & Nutrition Nutrition and sustainable agriculture
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