Ein Projkt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Paris und Ikambere.
Für den Welt Aids Tag hat Dessine l'Espoir seine Aktionen in Afrika auf Frankreich ausgeweitet und die französische Version der Aufklärungs Kampagne "I love You Positiv or Negativ" mit der Hilfe de Stadt Paris entwickelt. Positif ou Négatif, je t'aime.
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Kampagne mit der Stadt Paris

Am ersten Dezember 2007 hat Dessine l'Espoir in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Paris und der Assoziation Ikambere seine Aufklärungskampagne gegen die Diskriminierung Aidkranker Menschen vorgestellt.

Werke von Gegenwartskünstlern wurden kombiniert zusammen mit den Aussagen von Persönlichkeiten die die Kampagne "Positif ou Négatif, je t'aime" unterstützen.

Die Aussagen zusammen mit den Kunstwerken wurden auf Kondompackungen und auf Postkarten "Cart'com" gedruckt und verteilt.


The NGO Ikambere, based in Saint Denis, in the North of Paris, supports African HIV-positive women.
The African populations represent about 50 % of 150 000 HIV-positive persons in France today. Stigma and exclusion are for these persons one of the major brake of the access to screening and to therapeutic and psychological treatment.
Ikambere gives a sympathetic ear and consolation, a possibility of talking, a support also given by the support groups and the income generating activities developped by Dessine l'Espoir in Africa.

The awareness campaign was realised with the members of Ikambere to be really adapted to the target in France (translation of the message, the choice of messages and works appearing on supports).
Dessine l'Espoir suggested to the Council of Paris to order small envelopes bags realized in tissues containing two condoms. These envelopes were diffused in various structures of the city:
Medical Centers, Awareness Centers...
These envelopes bags were realized by the women of "La Main Fine", work insertion structure created by Ikambere.

This collaboration was symbolic and human between Ikambere and Dessine l'Espoir, it developped a solidarity between african HIV positive women in France and in Africa.


This project fits in the campaign and actions developped by Dessine l'Espoir since 2004 to use art and artwork of international artists to fight against stigma and discrimination of HIV positive persons.

The condoms packed in a attractive way were diffused in the "cafés-capotes" of the 14 th and 18 th district of Paris, in the differents councils of the town and in Medical and Care centers of Paris.

Télécharger les cartes de la campagne/Download the campaign's postcards

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