Designing Hope's other sponsors
Designing Hope is being supported by several compagnies, for annual events or each new project. These sponsors are various : department stores like BHV, FNAC, and KADEWE, but also AIR FRANCE, A 360, Gléna...all of them took part in developping Dessine l'Espoir's projects.
Written : 2007-09-04 - Last modified 2018-06-19
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Designing Hope is thankfull to these regular or occasional sponsors contributing all years long, to complete its projects in France and in Africa.


BHV offered its advertisement space in the parisian métro during the first edition of the Ithemba light bulb project. This incredible window has allowed a certain fame to the project: "La Mode Dessine l'Espoir", and played an important role in the success of its launch.
Additionally, BHV network has displayed Ithemba light bulbs between 2003 and 2005 in donating all profits related to the sales of these bulbs going to Designing Hope.


FNAC has been an important partner of the "One Month of Love" project in distributing and promoting it in 63 of its shops throughout France, and in donating all profits related to the sales of these booklets going to the Designing Hope.


The largest department store in Europe, located in Berlin, has organised an important promotion of the Ithemba light bulbs in all the shops windows during Christmas 2006, contributing in the launch of the project in Germany.


GLENA publishings have printed the catalogue of the auction of the light bulbs in 2004.


The group of designers PA has contributed to the booklet "One Month of Love" in finalising the design from the concept created by Ithemba.
PA's designers have also rewamped Dessine l'Espoir's logo.


For three consecutive years, Air France allowed the local coordinators of Designing Hope as well as women from the local groups to come to Paris and attend the events of the NGO for the world AIDS day.

This trips have given to these people, the opportunity to relay their experience with the rest of the local groups, and to give them a good feedback for a better understanding of the project in its global view.

A 360

Arnaud Contreras, film maker and founder of A360, has followed Dessine l'Espoir since 2004, either in its events in Paris, than during trips in Africa, and gathered images and movies.

He made a first short movie "Positive Hands", showing the making of the light bulbs by the South African women, followed in 2007, by another film introducing the project: "Square of Hope", starting with the drawing of the fashion designer, until the final embroidery made by HIV Positive women in Swaziland.

Other photographers and film makers (Marie Brand, Christian Rouchouse, Isabelle Veyron and Julien Lahmi) have also supported Dessine l'Espoir previously.

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