Emeraude Chimie
Since 2004, Emeraude Chimie has been one of Designing Hope's first sponsors. This partnership has been inspired by the compagny's strong implementation in Africa.
Written : 2007-08-30 - Last modified 2018-06-23
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Emeraude Chimie is a company that specialises in the treatment of plastic components and is based in Africa.
For Yann Bucaille, the CEO of the company, it was important to put back a part of the profits generated through the African market to an African based organization.

Since 2004, Emeraude Chimie has given financial support to Dessine l'Espoir, making the NGO's activities in Africa (particularly Swaziland) possible. Designing Hope has set up a canteen in the hospital at Piggs Peak. Emeraude Chimie financed the hospital's program at Piggs Peak and covered the costs of the local coordinators in Swaziland.

Preparation and distribution of the meals in Piggs Peak hospital.


In December 2005, Emeraude Chimie organized a lunch meeting in Paris between the staff of the company and the local coordinators of Designing Hope in Africa for the annual event of the World AIDS day.

This meeting has created a kind of solidarity between the company's staff members and the NGO, as the members of Emeraude Chimie were able to clearly understand the activities in Swaziland, and how the money was being spent.

This collaboration was crucial for Designing Hope, especially for the continuation of its efforts in Swaziland.

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