Optimark- Specialist in visual identity.
Optimark has been one of Designing Hope's main sponsors since 2002. Through the years, this partnership has grown in value and strength, as Optimark has become a partner of most Designing Hope's projects.
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Optimark specializes in descriptive and visual media. Its first collaboration with Designing Hope was in 2003, where it created the panels presenting the decorated bulbs in FNAC, Bastille.

The beginning of this partnership was discreet, but along the years, Optimark has become a partner to all of the projects and events of Designing Hope by providing all the printed supports (kakemonos, posters, stickers...) in particular at the Art fair Art Paris, the Women's Forum and the Maison&Objet fair....

Maison & Objet.


In 2005, Optimark made all the panels for the Music4Life event, the printed media for the singer's messages for the auction sale and the reproduction of all the signatures on the two auctioned Gibson guitars.


In 2005, during the evening of Optimark's 10 year anniversary, the company invited the association to present its various initiatives. It was an interesting meeting with the staff and customers of the company and resulted in a truly human partnership, one where people invested themselves.

Another collaboration with Optimark took place in October 2006 by creating descriptions for Designing Hope's "One Month of Love" booklet, released in all FNAC stores.

Framed T-shirts and Gibson guitars sold at the auction.


Once again, in 2007, Optimark supported Designing Hope in the project La Mode Designing Hope, for the "Square of Hope". Optimark provided the NGO with their specialist skills in screenprinting where they reproduced the original drawings onto fabric.
This was an extremely important contribution for the project, as this process simplified the work for the African women and managed to maintain the integrity of the original drawings - which is not always easy to obtain.

Since then, Optimark is printing all the designs that have to embroider in Swaziland for Designing Hope projects.

Women embroidering the Square of Hope.

The links between Optimark and Designing Hope didn't stop increasing over the last years.

This partnership is without doubt - solid and meaningful. Optimark is an essential contributor to Designing Hope, as well as an essential communication provider for the NGO's projects.


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Support Designing Hope Helping through a school.
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Support Designing Hope Helping through a school.
Anyone can support Designing Hope, within the frame of his school. Read some exemples.

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