Poster distribution
For the "I Love You Positive or Negative" campaign, fighting against the stigma and discrimination towards HIV positive people, Designing Hope has produced a set of posters presenting artworks from contemporary artists and messages from various celebrities supporting the campaign.
Written : 2007-08-23 - Last modified 2018-05-26
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The campaign "I Love You Positive or Negative", developed by Designing Hope, fights against stigma and discriminations towards HIV+ people.

For this campaign, and the as part of the project "Artists4Life" Designing Hope has produced and diffused a set of posters carrying messages of support to African personalities, accompanied by visual works of contemporary artists.

The posters below are free download.

Armin Pflanz

Tony Soulié

Laurence Leblanc


Nicolaas Maritz

André Macie

Ernest Pignon-Ernest


Support groups of HIV-positive patients or members of organizations with whom Designing Hope initiates projects are sometimes asked to choose visuals and write messages in order to create a new collection of Posters.

Discussions about the visuals from Artists4Life artworks in a support group for HIV+ women in Kwazulu Natal


The posters are distributed in several regions of South Africa and Swaziland and messages are printed in English, but also in Zulu, or Seswati depending on regions.

They are distributed in clinics, offices, meeting places or other public place.

Posters with artworks by Cueco, Ernest Pignon-Ernest and Lucky

Posters with artworks by Laurence Leblanc, David Carmichael and Tremayne Dudley Ward-Smith.

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