Income Generating Activities (IGA)
Designing Hope has established different Income Generating Activities in South Africa and Swaziland, including decorated light bulbs, beaded jewellery, wire and bead work, mosaics, sewing and and embroidery. These IGA's are set up within support groups of people living with HIV-AIDS and suffering from exclusion.
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These groups consist mainly of women. This source of income not only empowers them and gives them self esteem, but also helps to improve their quality of life and become self sufficient, all of which which is crucial when undergoing treatment.

They are then able to take public transport to receive treatment and attend the support groups without having to inform their family.

Wire work in Ladysmith, bulbs in Cape Town, beads in Soweto and embroidery in Swaziland


Being involved in creative activities also boosts the social life, thereby restoring confidence and dignity. The importance of social participation and acceptance for those living with HIV, is now proven.

People of these IGA's groups are proud of their creations and enjoy seeing them in photographs or films that are shown to them. We try to keep them informed throughout the entire process, with regards to public response and the success of the craft sales.

Women from Mpilonhle Project, in Kwazulu Natal


These activities are adapted according to the age and physical condition of each person. The women are able to leave early or take their work home if they require bed rest for a period of time or take care of their children. They can then return once or twice a week to bring their finished creation and collect the materials for the next one.

Interpretation of the campaign's message in embroidery, and a huge collective patchwork


Bringing these people together from varying and distant communities helps to create a therapeutic environment, where they can express their emotions and support one another in times of pain and hardship.

Sometimes, extra-activities are proposed, such as: discussions with a new counsellor coming from another area, or workshops where they are encouraged to express their feelings through an artistic creation.

A woman with her interpretation of Armin Pflanz's artwork. Meeting with Grace Mashaba, cousellor and fouder of Amazing Grace Orphaneage

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