Hoffnung Zeichnen
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New artistes have collaborated for on this occasion:
Alexei Riboud, Ben (coutoisie de la Galerie Lara Vincy), Bryan McCormack, Denis Darzacq, Jean-Christophe Ballot, Jacques Halbert, Maya Hewitt, Ma Tsé Lin, Marie Thurman, Patrick de Wilde, Peter Klasen, et Titouan Lamazou.

Some artists gave new works:
Joël Andreanomearisoa, Elodie Lachaud, Raghad, Tony Soulié.

Artworks of Laurence Leblanc, Armin Pflanz et Brian Riley


More than 60 prominent international artists collaborated with the project to produce artwork designed around the sensitization campaign « I Love You Positive or Negative » – the message of the campaign launched by Dessine l’ Espoir, emphasizing the universal need for love and support, regardless of HIV status.

A personal creation, a message, an original approach, and a graphic interpretation. The campaign gained a lot of strenght from this artistic input.

ArtParis06: artworks of Joel Andrianomearisoa, Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard, Armin Pflanz, Tony Soulié

ArtParis 2006 and 2007

"Artists4life" exhibition was introduced in 2006 at "ArtParis" fair;

In 2007, the exhibition received new artworks from Robert Combas, Kimiko Yoshida, Ernest Pignon Ernest, Laurence Leblanc, François-Marie Banier, Jérôme Btesh, Philippe Maurice, Brian Riley, IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Ellen Von Unwerth, Karl Lagerfeld and Paolo Roversi.

This project has received the support of UNESCO and its Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against HIV/ AIDS, Lady Cristina OWEN-JONES.

Dessine l'Espoir is thankful Mr JOBBE DUVAL, director of ArtParis, for his support to this exhibition.

Artists4Life Eine kreative Mobilisation
Mobilisation der Gegenwartskünstler zu dem Thema "I Love You Positive or Negative".

Aufklährungskampagne Warum diese Nachricht?
Die Aufklährungskampagne "I love You Positive or Negative" bekämpft Diskriminierung und setzt sich für mehr Toleranz gegenüber aidskranken Menschen ein.

Artists 4 Life Mobilisierung Hoffnung Zeichnen
Seit 2005 hat Dessine l'Espoir über 80 Gegenwartskünstler für die Kampagne I Love U + or - mobilisiert.

Artists4Life Eine kreative Mobilisation
Mobilisation der Gegenwartskünstler zu dem Thema "I Love You Positive or Negative".

Charity Designing Hope at Art Paris Art Fair 2013
Since 2006, Art Paris Art Fair supports the association Designing Hope. This year again, ArtParis invites you to an exceptional charity event.

Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

copie de Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

Events for the World Aids Day. Day against AIDS and discrimination at Saint Ouen.
For the World Aids Day on the 1rst december 2007, Dessine l'Espoir developps actions of prevention and information towards young of the parisian area.

ARTISTS4LIFE Graphic competition for I Love You + or - Campaign
Designing Hope invites artists and graphists to participate to the campaign fighting against HIV and AIDS related stigma and discriminations.

Prevention-Projekt für Jugendliche in Burkina Faso

ARTPARIS+GUESTS welcomes for the 4th time Dessine l'Espoir with a special event this year: A charity diner will be hold at the opening of the fair benefiting the NGO, followed by the exhibition of photographs from Armin Pflanz: "Faces of Hope".